Crafting Beautiful Homes
And Lasting Relationships

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Care and Craft from Concept to Completion

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Vision and Harmony in transparency and trust

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Broadening Space
And Imagination

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Composing with Artistry and
Building with Ingenuity

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Building a vision that feels like home

With over 30 years of expertise and an eagerness to deliver the best experience for our clients and colleagues, Opus crafts spaces that are beautiful, functional and undeniably special.

Whether you’re restoring a historic residence or crafting an edgy, modern retreat, Opus will partner with you to create a home that is unique, comfortable and truly yours.

authenticity and accessibility

We obsess over delivering authentic, comfortable and productive experiences for both clients and colleagues. Our design and construction services are tailored to address the needs of your specific project and our accessibility means we’re always available to help with questions and ideas.

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